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  • Born to an Irish-American mother of great beauty and kindness and a boxer/scientist/artist father who emigrated from Iran.
  • Bowed to the King and Queen of Thailand on the streets of Bangkok at age 5.
  • Believes herself to be an honorary Puerto Rican (will sing you the Puerto Rican national anthem, anywhere, anytime).
  • Loved to watch surfers and fighter planes ride it in nice and easy at Ramey Air Force Base, P.R.
  • Studied dance with Stone & Camryn in burly Chicago and in the Iowa heartland.
  • Left home at 15 (with her parents' tremulous, but generous, blessing).
  • Performed with The Ballet of the Dolls in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Was a dancing lion, among other characters, at Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis (whoever stole her Yamaha guitar out of the women’s dressing room – a birthday present from her parents, for God’s sake – she hopes you put it to good use).
  • Directed summer theater in Michigan, worked at Ellen Stewart’s La Mama’s ETC on East 4th street way back in the day.
  • Lived in roach-infested Hoboken apts with two guys and then three guys before the fires (um… gentrification) started.
  • Had a glorious time and made many errors in judgment and of the heart.
  • Sat on the old Hudson docks and cried the night Marvin Gaye died.
  • Waitressed at…a lot of places.
  • Drove a 1973 Pontiac LeMans – V8 engine - fast and never with a seatbelt (learned the hard way).
  • Received her undergrad degree, eventually, from the University of Minnesota.
  • Co-wrote an article on scapegoating and the Causes of War (duh).
  • Applied to Harvard Law School on a personal dare; got in; said hi! to the young man who went on to become POTUS; spent a fair amount of time at the Brattle Theatre; didn’t shake Dean Clark’s hand.
  • Joined the legion of naïve, earnest and seriously in debt law students putting on the corporate drag in New York City.
  • Spent her new money on a new Yamaha picked up on 48th Street.
  • Married; had her beautiful first child -- things couldn't have been better.
  • Got the stuffing kicked out of her when her son was diagnosed with infantile spasms and, eventually, autism.
  • Stumbled, stopped and gave it all up to care for her son.
  • Had her beautiful second child; moved to Jersey.
  • Kept the faith; had her beautiful third child.
  • Started acting up about equal access and equal rights for people with disabilities.
  • Joined a merry band of biotech attorneys.
  • Picked up that guitar, shook herself awake and began, again, to write and play and sing.
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