Songwriter and performer, Lily Vakili, has been on a wild trip: “I was born in Honduras during a military coup,” says the New Jersey-based artist, “my dad walked over injured soldiers in the hospital to welcome me to the world. He’s always said that set the stage for everything else in my life.”

A couple continents, too many jobs, several careers, and three children later, Lily is making music her way - passionate, personal, subversive, comedic and driven - defiantly original.

Lily launched her recording career with two solo albums (No Exit, produced by Bruce Hanson of Fellaheen, and Meadowlands, produced by James Mastro of Ian Hunter and the Rant Band and The Bongos).

Not long after, she formed her eponymously named band, whose first album - Oh Alright - was released in 2018 and produced by Ray Ketchem of Magic Door Recording (and Elk City drummer).

Lily Vakili Band includes lead guitarist Ben St. Jack, back up vocalist, Cecile Williams, harmonica player, Joel Dorow, bassist, Jim Tyndall, and drummer Gordon Kuba.

Currently working on a second band album with producer and studio-owner, David Amlen (of Sound on Sound Studios in Montclair, NJ) - the band released the new album's first single - a crackling, hard-rocking anthem defiantly titled “She Wants What,” in October 2019 to great reviews.

The second single is about to drop - hold onto your hats.